Angels in the Dust

Great Grandma Annie reminisces about life on her family’s Oklahoma farm during the terrible drought of the 1930s when the region was known as the “Dust Bowl.”








Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

The story of seven-year old Mercedes who lived in West Berlin during the Airlift, and of her friendship with the American lieutenant who came to be known as the “Chocolate Pilot.”








M is for Mayflower

An alphabetical picture book that celebrates the Bay State, taking the reader on a tour through the state’s history and giving information about such famous sons and daughters as Emily Dickinson, Henry David Thoreau, and John F. Kennedy.





Circle Unbroken

A story of the preservation of the art of sweetgrass baskets of the South Carolina and Georgia low country spirals through time, expanding in meaning until it becomes a triumphant song that tells a rich story of a craft, culture and a people.








America’s White Table

A powerful and moving story about a ceremony designed to thank all those who serve our country.








Learn how an eaglet blown from its nest during a storm, becomes the symbol for the Bald Eagle and helps bring this American symbol of freedom back from the endangered species list.








Let Them Play

The story of the Cannon Street All-Stars, an all-black team from Charleston, SC not allowed to play in the 1955 Little League World Series.







Night Boat to Freedom

Inspired by accounts in the WPA “Slave Narrative Collection, Night Boat to Freedom,” this story is a memorable celebration of courage, hope, and unselfish love.








Happy Birthday to You

Imagine having a birthday with no one singing the song “Happy Birthday to You.”  Before the 1900s that’s exactly the way things were. You might have had presents, cake, candles, and cards, but there was no Happy Birthday song to sing, because it had not yet been written. Then once upon a happy day the famous song was born.







Rags – Hero Dog of WW I

During World War I, while stationed overseas in France with the United States Army, Private James Donovan literally stumbles upon a small dog cowering on the streets of Paris. Named Rags for his disheveled appearance, the little stray quickly finds a home with Donovan and a place in his heart. Although the Army did not have an official canine division, Rags accompanies Donovan to the battlefield, making himself a useful companion delivering messages and providing a much-appreciated morale boost to the soldiers.