While living in the Boston area during the mid-90s, Margot re-embraced her early love of painting by studying at Boston’s celebrated De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park.

At the De Cordova, Margot was highly influenced by classic approaches to oil painting and pastels as well as by the unique color theories originated by Germany’s famous Bauhaus school.

The result of Margot’s restudy is an uninhibited joy in the use of paint to express visceral impressions and to release the “picture inside of the picture.”

“I don’t want a painting to tell the viewer what he can see for himself. I strive to unleash what the viewer senses deep inside about a subject so the truth of the subject — its story — is unveiled,” Margot explains.

“Using surprising color choices; mixing directly on the canvas; leaving unorthodox lines; laying in thick, juicy strokes with a palette knife; making bold breaks in the picture plane; and finishing a painting with an explosive “healthy energy” allows me to create a painting that stays ‘new’ and vibrant forever,” says Margot.

Margot’s influences include the California Impressionists, Henri Matisse and the Fauves artists (who let color become the subject of their painting) and the French Impressionists’ use of broken and complementary colors to create visual vibrations. She is particularly drawn to the works of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, and to the visionary works of contemporary artists — Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, and Wolf Khan.

Her works have been exhibited in numerous shows winning prize recognition and are found in private collections around the country and overseas. One of her paintings was selected for the prestigious exhibit, “Vero Collects,” at the Vero Beach Art Museum (Vero Beach, Florida) sharing wall space between a Rembrandt, and Picasso! A member of the Charleston Artist Guild, Margot is represented by Gallery Chuma in Charleston, SC. She was honored to sit on the board of the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art (San Antonio), which annually showcases the International Masters of Fine Art Invitational Exhibit. In her “other life,” Margot is a nationally known writer and author of award-winning children’s picture books.

Book signing and one-woman show at Gallery Chuma, Charleston, SC.